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Vintage 1960 Leedy Black Diamond Pearl Drums-Stored In Attic-$2499.99

Leedy1960 4 PIECE Black Diamond Pearl Vintage Drum Kit SHELL PACK. Sold to me by the original owner. The entire kit was in unrestored original condition, so I immediately began replacing heads and restoring to playing condition. All of the seams are tight and there are no extra holes in any of the drums. Anybody that's really into vintage drums would know that this is truly a collector's kit. The kit consists of:

-14" x 22" Bass Drum. Virgin Bass.Ten center lugs original Leedy calfskin head on kick side needed replacing has tear and original reso Head needed replacing. Both heads were replaced with Evans Vintage '56 Calftones. Includes the original Leedy bass drum foot pedal. Has bolt on rim mount legs original, no legs penetrating the shell, and cymbal holder arm.

- 8''x 12'' Small Tom, six lugs on each side polished up like brand new.,original Leedy calfsskin heads were torn and replaced with Evans Vintage '56 Calftone heads.Has 1960 date stamped. Has mount for attaching to bass drum rim mount.

-14''X 14'' Floor Tom, eight lugs on each side that polished up like brand new. The old Ludwig Remo Weather Master heads were replaced with new Evans Vintage '56 Calftone heads on top and bottom. Push button leg brackets fonction like new.

-14'' X 6'' Ludwig chrome Keystone badge all original chrome Super Sensitive snare drum. Installed new Evans Heavy Duty coated batter head and drum sounds great.

Everything is in as is as found condition and has now been professionally refurbished. It is now restored to playing condition. It sounds so good, absolutely beautiful to the ear. Might even keep it, who knows!CALL OR TEXT WILD BILL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO COME GET THIS DRUMSET SHELL PACK. JUST CALL OR TEXT AND MAKE YOURSELF AN APPOINTMENT TO GO SEE WILD BILL. CALL OR TEXT WILD BILL FOR AN APPOINTMENT. THANKS! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Vintage-1960-Leedy-Black-Diamond-Pearl-Drums-Stored-In-Attic-Complete-Set-WithVintage-1960-Leedy-Black-Diamond-Pearl-Drums-Stored-In-Attic-Complete-Set-WithVintage-1960-Leedy-Black-Diamond-Pearl-Drums-Stored-In-Attic-Complete-Set-WithLeedy vintage 1960!


1960 Leedy drums include 22” virgin bass drum, 12” hi tom, 14” floor tom. New Evans Vintage ‘56 calftone heads on batter and resonant. These drums are 3 ply mahagony and sound fantastic. Also included is a 14” ‘60’s Ludwig super sensitive snare drum , concert grade snare drum sounds phenomenal! CYMBALS AND HARDWARE NOT INCLUDED.. Brought to you by Wild Bills Drum Shop 432-556-3015.

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Little Dude's love CRUSH! 

Hook up your rad little rocker with the baddest starter drum kit around.alt


Includes 5 piece kit, hardware, cymbals, throne, stickbag and 6 pairs of sticks for $399.


Available in 20 and 22’’ kick sizes

Our Alpha Series kits feature drums, hardware, cymbals, and six pair of sticks in a stick bag… everything you need to set up and play right out of the box! Features • Birch/Basswood shells • Ported resonant bass drum head • Complete kit includes: - Bass drum pedal - Hi hat stand - Straight cymbal stand - Snare stand - Throne - 14” hi hats & 16” crash ride - Stick bag and 6 pairs of sticks. BUY IT NOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER]. IN MIDNIGHT BLUE . 5-piece drum kit with hardware & accessories 22” x 18” Bass Drum 14” x 5.5” Snare Drum 10” x 7” Tom 12” x 8” Tom 16” x 15” Floor Tom


DRUMS WERE CLEANED , POLISHED AND TUNED; READY TO GO.CALL OR TEXT WILD BILL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 432-556-3015. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it altNEW-CRUSH-ALPHA-DRUM-SET-399-99


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Ludwig Keystone 3 Piece Shell Pack - $949

 Great condition, made in USA. Titanium glitter. Includes 22"x18" kick, 12"x9" rack tom and 16x16" floor tom. Includes Ludwig tom mount and legs for floor tom. Maybe a tiny scratch here or there but nothing visible from playing or really anywhere else. Heads are Remo emperors and still have lots of good life. THIS IS LUDWIGS TOP OF THE LINE MADE IN THE USA. A modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.
Traditionally, the Ludwig Sound has run the gamut between the low tonal warmth of the Legacy drum shell, and the resonant mid-range qualities of Classic Maple. As musical tastes and styles have evolved, however, a growing segment of the drumming community sees the need for a louder alternative. With this need in mind, Ludwig's team of engineers and craftsmen went back to square one with one goal in mind: a completely new drum shell for today's Ludwig Drummer. 

The latest creation from Ludwig USA's Monroe facility, Keystone Series Drums have the distinction of a more focused tonality. The 3-ply maple core used in their Classic Maple drums is augmented with 1/16" inner- and outer-plies of American red oak. This 5-ply combination creates a thin, dense drum shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay. In order to draw further resonance from this unique hybrid, the dual 45 bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head.

The end result is a Ludwig drum shell that produces solid, authoritative tone with high power and attack. For the live music drummer, a perfect balance between high-volume cut and subtle articulation is achieved. The Ludwig Keystone Series is made under the same strict quality and structural standards as Classic Maple and Legacy drums, putting a modern twist on a century of custom American drum making.

Hardware and cymbals sold separately.
Same 3-ply maple core used in Classic Maple drums
1/16" inner- and outer-plies of American Red Oak
5-ply combination creates a thin, dense drum shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay Dual 45 bearing edge is pulled to the center of the drum shell to seat perfectly into the head
Solid, authoritative tone with high power and attack. 

The drums are cleaned, polished, tuned and ready to rock. Call or text me for an appointment to come check out these drums and let me taylor a complete set to your needs and desires. 



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Basin Bands Visits Wild Bills


Basin Bands stopped by our drumshop to make a video and left with a great vintage guitar! 

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