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SAKAE Road Anew Drum Kit-$1099.99


Sakae-  This is the Japanese factory that made all the Yamaha drums for the last 40 years or so.  Legendary!  These kits are not cheap.  They are meant for the consumer looking for the finest quality and sound.  The  road anew kit IS a great set…..5 piece Asian Cherry with full hardware  22x18 bass drum,16x15 floor tom,12x08 hi tom,10x07 hi tom, 14x5.5 snare drum (includes hardware). AVAILABLE IN TOBACCO FADE, SILVER SPARKLE OR RED SPARKLE. CALL ,TEXT OR EMAIL WILD BILL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO COME GET THESE DRUMS OR PLACE AN ORDER SHIPPED TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.

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CRUSHBADGEVECTOR.jpgOur Alpha Series kits feature drums, hardware, cymbals, and six pair of sticks in a stick bag… everything you need to set up and play right out of the box! Features • Birch/Basswood shells • Ported resonant bass drum head • Complete kit includes: - Bass drum pedal - Hi hat stand - Straight cymbal stand - Snare stand - Throne - 14” hi hats & 16” crash ride - Stick bag and 6 pairs of sticks. CALL ,TEXT OR EMAIL WILD BILL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO COME GET THESE DRUMS OR TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. 432-556-3015.

AVAIALABLE IN BLACK, MIDNIGHT BLUE OR WINE RED. 5-piece drum kit with hardware & accessories 22” x 18” Bass Drum 14” x 5.5” Snare Drum 10” x 7” Tom 12” x 8” Tom 16” x 15” Floor Tom

AL528902 copy.jpg

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C2B500-901_B.jpgC2B500-900_B.jpgThe CCB520914(STRAIGHT).jpgChameleon Complete Birch drum kits pair the time-tested sound of birch with our progressive design philosophies together in a very affordable kit. Birch wood produces a distinctive sound with explosive attack and deep low end. The Chameleon shell sizes have been specifically chosen to give the drummer a versatile drum set that can be played in any application. **The Chameleon Complete kits include a 5-piece hardware pack consisting of one boom, one straight, hi hat stand, snare stand and bass drum pedal. Features • 6-ply Birch/Basswood shells • Durable PVC wrap • Double 45° bearing edges • Reverse flange snare drum hoops • 4-point X-suspension mount • 2-position bass drum spurs • Quick release throw-off • Powder coated hardware and hoops • Interchangeable Chameleon lug inserts • Tom brackets with mating memory locks • Birch bass drum hoops with matchingfinish • Shell packs include tom holder.  CCB520* 5-piece shell pack with 5-piece hardware included**  22” x 20” Bass Drum, 14” x 6” Snare Drum, 10” x 7” Tom, 12” x 8” Tom, 16” x 14” Floor Tom.  JUST CALL OR TEXT WILD BILL AT 432-556-3015�FOR AN APPOINTMENT.



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Basin Bands Visits Wild Bills


Basin Bands stopped by our drumshop to make a video and left with a great vintage guitar! 

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